OmniBreeze - Portable Clip Fan

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  • [Powerful and Durable], This Fan Can be mounted on virtually anything!
  • [Perfect for Being on the Go] Perfect for the Beach, Camping, Stroller Jogging, Kitchen, Car Seat & More! Not to mention, all of our fans are kid friendly :)
  • [Long Lasting Battery Life] This battery last twice as long compared to the other USB fans out there! Can last up to 6 Hours
  • [Upgraded Technology] Recharge your fan with any USB charger! Comes with 3 Power Settings and Oscillates 360 degrees!
  • [Perfect For the Hot Weather] We Must Take Extra Measures Against the Extreme Heat, this Fan is Perfect for Keeping You and Your Kids Cool Anytime, Anywhere

Here’s How You Can Keep Yourself or Your Little One Cool All The Time!

Stuffy rooms, offices, strollers and car seats can get very annoying and uncomfortable. Now, you can simply attach this clip-on fan on your baby’s stroller and go out for a walk! More than that, you can use the fan at your office, on a desk, a chair, your treadmill or anywhere else for that matter, and keep cool whether you’re indoors or outdoors! Presenting The Ultimate Rechargeable Portable Clip-On Fan By OmniBreeze If you have tried similar clip-on fans in the past, you know they are not all created equal. Here’s why you should this one: 

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE – This fan’s small size makes it perfect for all your outdoor strolls, walks and ventures. 
  • POWERFUL MOTOR – Our clip-on fan might be small in size, but it’s more than strong enough to last for a very long time. 
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Contrary to similar fans on the market, this one will keep on running for at least 6 hours after a full charge! 
  • MOUNT IT ANYWHERE – The OmniBreeze battery operated fan can be mounted virtually everywhere thanks to its handy clip-on design. 
  • EXTREME ADJUSTABILITY – Rotate it 360 degrees around and choose between 3 power/speed settings to fit your needs at any given time. Perfect for desks, chairs, tables, shelves as well as your car or your baby’s stroller! 

Plus, it’s great for your camping adventures or trips to the beach! And did we mention our portable fan is covered by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee? 

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