The Mixxer - Portable Smoothie Blender

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Are your ready to change your life? Mixxer creates products specifically designed so that you get the FREEDOM to Eat Better while On The Go

Blend your favorite Fruits and Veggies while working, shopping, jogging, vacationing and pretty much doing anything else. The clean up is super easy, matter of fact the portable kitchen is dishwasher friendly. 

Here's our WHY; Mixxer is the enemy of fast food! The biggest barrier to eating healthy is surprisingly not money.. its TIME! The reason why fast food is so successful is because they provide a meal for people in minuets! The issue is not that the food is served fast, the issue is that they serve our bodies CRAP! fast-food has been the reason for many cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes and so much more. We believe that using products made by Mixxer to eat healthy instead of fast food will dramatically change the well-being of your life. Mixxer is on a mission to help people eat healthy faster anytime, anywhere. Fast-food has met its match!  

Anytime you make a purchase from Mixxer 5% of the proceeds go to helping people in need get access to healthy food. 


Size: 380 ML 

Motor: 7.4 Volts 

Charger: USB charger port. Comes with USB charging cord. Fully charges in 4 hours.


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